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C CHANNEL Terms of Service

These Terms of Service (TOS) stipulate conditions of use of "C CHANNEL" provided by C Channel Corporation ("C Channel") and all services (the "Services") in relation to "C CHANNEL" between the users of the Services (the "User") and C Channel.
Users shall be deemed to have approved of the details of the TOS and consented to application of the TOS when using the Services. For a person who is under 20 years of age to use the member services, the consent of the legal representative of the person shall be required. If a person who is under 20 years of age registers account information to use the member services, the person shall be deemed to have obtained the consent of his/her legal representative.

Article 1 (Definitions)
Definitions of the terms in the TOS shall be as follows:
  • (1) The term "contents" means text, voice, music, images, video, software, programs, code and other information.
  • (2) The term "Contents" means contents accessible through the Services.
  • (3) The term "posted contents" means contents posted, sent, or uploaded to the Services by the Users.
  • (4) The term "member services" means, out of the Services, the services Users who register account information in accordance with the TOS are capable of using through their own account.
Article 2 (Account)
  • 1. Users must provide true, correct and complete information when registering account information regarding themselves in using the Services, and modify this at all times to the most current version.
  • 2. Users must strictly manage their passwords at their own responsibility when registering passwords to use the Services so as to avoid illegal use thereof. C Channel may deem any and all acts committed using registered passwords as acts by Users themselves.
  • 3. C Channel may suspend or delete the account of a User without prior notice when judging that the User is breaching or is likely to breach the TOS.
  • 4. Accounts for the Services shall be personal and exclusive to Users. No rights of use to the Services of Users whatsoever may be assigned or lent to, or inherited by a third party.
Article 3 (Provision of the Services)
  • 1. Users shall prepare the PC, mobile phone, communications equipment, operating system, communication means and electricity, etc. that is required for use of the Services at the expense and responsibility of Users and maintain a state in which the use of the Services is possible.
  • 2. When C Channel judges necessary, C Channel may add or change the Specifics of the services, or restrict the Services without prior notice to the User.
Article 4 (Intellectual Property Rights, etc.)
  • 1. C Channel shall grant to the Users non-assignable, non-sublicensable, nonexclusive rights of use that solely cover use the Services pertaining to the Contents.
  • 2. Users may not use the Contents beyond the style of use planned in the Services.
  • 3. The Services may include functions by which multiple Users may post, modify, delete or create other editions of contents. In such instance, a User shall allow other Users to edit contents posted by the User himself/herself.
  • 4. Users shall be deemed to have granted to C Channel rights (including, but not limited to, reproduction rights, public transmission rights, distribution rights, lending rights, the right to transfer ownership, translation rights, screening rights, adaptation rights, etc.) to use the posted contents for free and nonexclusively by providing the posted contents to the Services, and also deemed to have granted the right for C Channel to use the posted contents for the Services or advertising and promotion, for free, without limit, or without area restrictions.
  • 5. C Channel may confirm the details of the posted contents when necessary for business operations; provided that, C Channel does shall bear no obligation to make such confirmation.
  • 6. C Channel may, when recognizing the breach or possibility of breach of the laws and regulations or the TOS by a User regarding the posted contents, or upon other business-related necessity, restrict the use of the posted contents in the Services by the User without prior notice to the User by means of deleting the posted contents, etc.
  • 7. In the case where a User receives charges or a claim, warning, etc., provisional disposition, or is prosecuted or sued by a third party regarding the posted contents provided by the User, the User must settle the relevant dispute at his/her expense and responsibility. The User must compensate C Channel for any and all damages (including indirect damages, derivative damages, resulting damages, lost earnings and legal costs) incurred by C Channel due to the relevant dispute.
Article 5 (Personal Information, etc. Handling)
C Channel shall handle properly the information that falls under personal information, etc. of Users in accordance with the Privacy Policy of C Channel.
Article 6 (Suspension or Cancellation of the Services)
  • 1. C Channel may suspend all or part pf the Services at any time without prior notice to Users in the case where any of the following events arises:
    • (1) Where C Channel performs maintenance of equipment, etc. relating to provision of the Services regularly or in an emergency,
    • (2) Where provision of the Services becomes impossible arising out of disorder of system or communications lines, etc. relating to the Services, fire, power outage or other unexpected incident, or act of God, social disorder or cracking by a third party, or any other act that interrupts the Services, or due to factors in relation thereto,
    • (3) Where C Channel judges it necessary to suspend the Services due to reasons related to management or technology,
    • (4) Where it is impossible to provide the Services due to measures in accordance with the laws, regulations, etc., or
    • (5) Where C Channel judges suspension of the Services cannot be avoided.
  • 2. C Channel shall assume no liability whatsoever even if any damage is incurred by members arising out of suspension or cancellation of the Services under this Article.
Article 7 (Prohibited Acts)
Users shall not commit the following acts or acts that have a likelihood of being the following acts in the use of the Services:
  • (1) Use the registered email address, password or other account information of another, or masquerade as another person (including C Channel, or affiliated companies or cooperating companies of C Channel),
  • (2) Transmit or write a computer virus, file, program, etc. that disturbs, destroys, restricts, operates functionalities of computer software, hardware or communications devices, etc.
  • (3) Post contents that includes language that incites indecency, cruelty or discrimination, language that induces suicide, self-harm, abuse of drugs, or any other contents that include anti-social specifics and thus cause a third party to feel uncomfortable,
  • (4) Infringe ownership, intellectual property rights, honor, credibility, rights of portrait or privacy, etc. of C Channel or a third party,
  • (5) Spread intentionally false information with respect to C Channel or a third party,
  • (6) Act against public morals and order,
  • (7) Send the same or similar posts to unspecified multiple Users (except for those accepted by C Channel), or any other facts judged by C Chanel to be spam.
  • (8) Sales, promotion, advertising, solicitation, or any other acts with commercial purposes in relation to the Services without the approval of C Channel,
  • (9) Pyramid scheme, illegal multilevel marketing or other illegal business or acts to engage in similar activities,
  • (10) Improper collection, disclosure, or provision of personal information, registered information, or information on use logs, etc. of others,
  • (11) Reproduction, editing, adaptation, distribution or resale, etc. of information or services provided in the Services without the approval of C Channel,
  • (12) Violation of laws, regulations or ordinances,
  • (13) Solicitation, offering of profits or other acts of cooperation with anti-social forces,
  • (14) Solicitation of religious activities or religious organizations,
  • (15) Support or assistance for a third party in the commission of any act that falls under any of the preceding items, or
  • (16) Any other fact judged by C Channel to be inappropriate.
Article 8 (Immunity)
  • 1. C Channel will not guarantee the accuracy of the details of the Services or conformance with any specific purpose whatsoever.
  • 2. Users may not demand compensation for damages incurred through the use of the Services, if any, of C Channel; except for damages incurred due to willful act or gross negligence of C Channel.
  • 3. If a User causes damage to a third party in the use of the Services, the User shall endeavor to resolve the matter at his/her responsibility and expense.
Article 9 (Revision of TOS)
C Channel may revise the TOS when needed without prior notice to Users if C Channel judges the revision necessary. The revised TOS shall come into effect when it is published at the proper place inside the Services, and Users shall be deemed to have consented to the revision of the TOS by their continued use of the Service.
Article 10 (Governing Law, Jurisdiction)
The TOS shall be governed by the laws of Japan, and any dispute arising therefrom shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Tokyo District Court as court of first instance.