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Melon Dome Mousse


Melon Dome Mousse

CCHAN Cooking
Form and color are cute anyway ♡ ♡ It is refreshing melon mousse!

■ Cooking time: about 25 minutes (excluding freezing time)
■ Material cost: Approximately 1500 yen

■ Material Silicon mold truffle type 8 pieces
· Blue meat melon (flesh) ... 200 g
· Granulated sugar ... 2 tablespoons

· Custard cream ... about 200 g
· Chocolate pen (white) ... appropriate amount

<Melon mousse>
· Fresh cream ... 300ml
· Melon syrup (for shaved ice) ... 80ml
· Lemon juice ... 1 teaspoon
· Powdered gelatin ... 12 g (keep it in 40 ml of water)

■ Steps
Put custard cream in a small container and freeze it.
Cut the melon into cubes.
Apply a thin oil on the inside of the silicon mold.

1. Put the melon and granulated sugar in a heat-resistant container, and gently mix. Cover the container with plastic wrap and heat it for about 3 minutes in the range of 600W. Remove the wrap and divide the flesh and fruit juice with a strainer, and let it cool.
2. Add melon juice, melon syrup, lemon juice into whip cream in a soft peak, and mix them well.
Add gelatin heated for 40 seconds in a range of 600 w and mix further. (If the dough is sticky, mix until it hangs on ice water and brings it.)
3. Place 2 in half of the silicon mold. Put freshly frozen custard cream, flesh of melon, put 2 in the edge of silicon and scrape with a palette knife. Cool it in a freezer overnight.
4. Draw a pattern of melon skin with chocolate pens and complete it with stem made of white chocolate ♪

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