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Top Gourmet [Indonesia] Modern Coffee Shop

[Indonesia] Modern Coffee Shop


[Indonesia] Modern Coffee Shop

Jill Gladys
The best modern coffee shop in Tangerang. Djournal Coffe is still part of the ISMAYAS’s Group (One of the best company for food & beverages in Indonesia). If you feel bored to hang out in Jakarta, you can go here and feel the difference ambience from the busy Jakarta. I ordered hot long black coffee, Ice salted caramel latte (my favorite one), Ice red velvet latte, and oreo cheese cake. All the coffee taste really good with the modern concept of coffee and the cake is also good. Definitely will be back again!

IDR 25000 and above

Djournal Coffee

address Maxx Box Lippo Village, Ground Floor, Karawaci - Tangerang
ウェブ http://www.ismaya.com/micro/read/djournal

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