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Unusual Halloween Dessert


Unusual Halloween Dessert

CCHAN Cooking
■ Ingredients
Delicious eggs
· Quail eggs
· Water ... appropriate amount
· Food color

· Guava juice ... 200ml
· Gelatin ... 40 g

Red blood cell shot
· Water ... 50ml
· Gelatin ... 10 g
· Food color ... red
· Salad oil ... 100ml
· Cider ... proper amount

■ Steps
1. Put gelatin in warmed guava juice and mix well
2. Pour 1 into a test tube, put a straw and solidify in a refrigerator
3. Remove straw from test tube
4. Extrude the jelly from the straw and complete

1. Boil the quail egg for 5 minutes
2. Crack the eggshell
3. Color the water with a food color, soak the egg for 1 hour
4. Completion of split shell

Red blood cell
1. Color gelatin melted in water with food color
2. Place a beaker containing salad oil in ice water
3. Drop 1 on a surface of the salad oil with a dropper and wait until the grain sinks
4. Lift to oil and drain with water
5. Put the drops in a test tube, pour cider and complete

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