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Top Diy Cute Pastel Flower Cake Candle

Cute Pastel Flower Cake Candle


Cute Pastel Flower Cake Candle

· Tea light candle
·paper cup
· Parchment paper
· Flower mold
· Paint (yellow · white)
· Cotton swab
· Round cookie mold
· Candle wick

1. Break a few purple tea light candles, put them in a paper cup, melt with boiling water bath. Remove the candle wick in advance.
2. Put parchment paper on a small bat, pour the melted candle and solidify. When it solidifies sufficiently, cu out with a flower cookie mold and take out.
3. Apply acrylic paint with a cotton swab to the center of the cut out candle.
4. Place a round cookie mold on the bat with the cooking sheet and set the candle wick in the center. Pour the melted wax in a mold so as not to let the wick fall down.
5. Once the wax has set, add a little wax, place the flower shaped wax and solidify again.
6. Once the wax has completely solidified, cut off the extra wick, remove it from the mold, paint white acrylic paint with cotton swab and complete it!!

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