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Top Hair Straight Hair for Humid Days

Straight Hair for Humid Days


Straight Hair for Humid Days

CCHAN ヘアアレンジ
~ Steps ~
Step 1: Blow dry
With a dryer, dry in order of hot air → cold air,
and prepare the cuticle of the hair.

Step 2: Blocking
To firmly apply straight iron to hair, finely divide hair.

Step 3: Straight iron
Apply heat from the root firmly.
When you finish straightening the hair you left from blocking for the first time, gradually take down hair and apply heat.
Repeat until you end up applying a straight iron to all hair

Step 4: Oil
Take oil on the palm of the hand, apply oil to the tip of the hair, and stretch out excess from middle to top of the head.
【Used items】
PLARMIA Day Essence

Step 5: Spray
Spray with a high moisture resistance spray and focusing on easily ruffled parts.
Cover the whole and block the moisture thoroughly!
【Used items】
Jemile fran Keep Top Coat Spray

~ Unexpected sudden rain on the go! My hair has gone wrong! ~
【Used items】
Liese hair repair sheet

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