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Top Cooking 3 Cute Flower Sausage Recipes

3 Cute Flower Sausage Recipes


3 Cute Flower Sausage Recipes

3 Flower-shaped Sausage Dishes for Your Lunchbox

Even with no molds, you can make these cute sausage dishes for your bento box!

case1: Sunflower

■ Ingredients:
・ Weiner sausage ... about 2
A · egg ... 1 piece
A · Sugar, salt with your choice of seasoning
A ・ Katakuriko flour (potato starch) ... A pinch

■ Steps
1. Cut the sausage to the desired length and cook it after cutting vertically and horizontally.
2. Mix all the “A” ingredients, rub in a tea strainer once, pour into an egg cooker, and cook thin egg over low heat.
※ Stop the fire just one step before the surface hardens and let the heat pass through the residual heat.
3. When the remaining heat is removed, cut it to the same length as step 1 and make a shallow cut in one side. Finish it by wrapping the winder and stopping it with a toothpick!

case2: twirl flower egg

・ Small sausage ... 10
. Asparagus-1 stick
・ seaweed ... a little bit
・ Eggs ... 2 pieces
Sugar, salt ... appropriate amount

■ Steps:
1. Cut the seaweed in a lengthwise shape, arrange 5 small wieners on top of it, and roll it. Make two of them.
2. Prick asparagus in the middle.
3. Mix sugar and salt in the egg, pour it into the egg cooker, pick it up and roll it up as you cook it!

case3: Flower rice
■ Ingredients:
・ Rice ... appropriate amount
・ Yukari ... appropriate amount
・ White sesame seeds
・ Plum paste ... suitable amount
・ seaweed ... 1 piece

■ Steps:
1. Cook warm rice and mix white sesame seeds.
2. Cut the seaweed into 3/4, put step 1 and put plum paste in the middle (open about 2 cm)
3. Put bamboo sticks at equal intervals on the wrap, cut 2 in half length, and roll.
4. After rolling, adjust the bamboo sticks to be even, and place both sides with rubber bands and leave for about 10 minutes.
5. Remove the rubber band, wraps, and bamboo sticks. It is finished by cutting it to a size that is easy to eat!
※ It’s easier to cut with a wet kitchen knife ♪

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