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Top Culture Christmas Tree Dessert Recipes🎄💝

Christmas Tree Dessert Recipes🎄💝


Christmas Tree Dessert Recipes🎄💝

CCHAN Lifestyle
A special Christmas ♡ loved sweets tree colored in pink

Here are 3 arrangement recipes that will make you happy just by looking at it ♡

♥ Macaroon Tower

■ Working time: About 20 minutes
■ Ingredients cost: Approximately 3000 yen

[Things to prepare]
・ Macaroon (5 dark pink, 4 light pink, 3 white)
・ Giant Caprico
・ Hard whipped cream
・ Decoration of your choice

1. Cut off the top of the Giant Caprico
2. Apply whipped cream on the cut part and put it upside down on the plate
3. Apply whipped cream around Giant Caprico
4. Stack macarons with 5, 4, 3 from the bottom
5. Put your favorite decoration

♥ Shoe Tree

■ Working time: About 30 minutes
■ Material cost: Approximately 800 yen

[Things to prepare]
・ 10 small shoes
・ Whipped cream
・ Powdered sugar
・ Your favorite fruit
・ Decoration of your choice

1 、 Arrange Petite choux in a triangle on the plate
2, Add whipped cream from above
3. Arrange three petit choux on the whipped cream so as to form an inverted triangle.
4. Drip whipped cream on top of it
5. Put a petit choux on top of it and add6. Decorate with your favorite fruit and sprinkle with powdered sugar

♥ Deco Pocky Tree

■ Working time: About 20 minutes
■ Material cost: Approximately 500 yen

[Things to prepare]
・ Pocky
・ Hard whipped cream
・ Decoration of your choice

1.Pile marshmallows into a triangular pyramid
2. Apply whipped cream around marshmallow
3.Pocky is arranged in a tree shape
4.Fold the pocky as needed to fill the gap
5. Decorate with your favorite cookies

There is no doubt that it will be a fun memory if you make it together!

Let's carry a sweet crush on Christmas night ♡

Planning and production: Shinya Nagata

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