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Top Cooking Pork belly Radish Sticks!

Pork belly Radish Sticks!


Pork belly Radish Sticks!

CCHAN Cooking
A quick and easy recipe with radish, pork belly!
Light 'n' tasty!
What a good cooking guide for you!

■ Ingredients
・Thin sliced Pork belly...150g
・Chicken soup stock...1 tp
・Soy sauce・Japanese cooking sake, mirin seasoning
...1.5 TB each
・Corn starch...1 tp
・Water...100 c.c
・Spring onions...as you expected

■ Steps
1. Slice radish into 1.5cm round shape pieces, make them ministicks.
Place the stickes in a microwavable container and wrap the bowl propely.
Heat in a 600W microwave for 5 minitues.
2. Leave it cool off. Next, wrap radish sticks with sliced pork belly.
3. Preheat the fry pan, place pork belly wrapped radish sticks in the pan and fry until the the colour gets golden, add water, chick soup stock, japanese cooking sake, mirin seasoning and corn starch in the pan and have them combined completely then cook.
4. Simmer with low heat to get rid of half sauce, then add more corn starch to get sticky sauce. Enjoy♪

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