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Top Diy Cream Sandwich Croissant♡

Cream Sandwich Croissant♡


Cream Sandwich Croissant♡

Recently, the unique shape of the silicone mould is increasing ♡
We introduce a fake dessert that looks like a real sandwich!

【What You Need】
· Silicone mold pan type
· Baby Oil
· Lightweight clay Hearty white / yellow / magenta
· Top coat
· Whipped cream for fake sweets
· Decorative sauce chocolate
· Decorative Parts Chocolate Spray
· Instant adhesives
· Heaton
· gloves
· Flat Pincers
· Round Part
· Key holder hardware

1) Make yellow ocher with lightweight clay
* Yellow Ocher = White 10: Yellow 1: Magenta 0.1
2) Apply baby oil to the mold and pack clay
3) After removal, cut with a cutter and spread
4) Apply a top coat to the whole and dry it (about 1 day complete drying)
5) Squeeze whipping cream, decorative sauce, topping spray
6) Apply instantaneous adhesive to Heaton and insert it into bread
7) Once keyhole fittings are connected with round parts, dry them (about 1 day is perfect drying)

Before drying the croissants, it is easy to decorate if you widen the notches in advance beforehand ♪

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