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Top Sweets Draft Beer Jelly?!

Draft Beer Jelly?!


Draft Beer Jelly?!

CCHAN Cooking
Draft Beer Jelly?!

Looks like draft beer! But it’s actually jelly? !!
Recommended for beer lovers
Jelly with beer,
Use apple juice for those who don’t like alcohol or can’t drink it yet♪
Let's make it secretly on Father's Day ♡

■ Ingredients:
"With alcohol" (500 ml of beer mug)
・ Normal beer ... 250 ml
・ Normal temperature ginger ale ... 250ml
・ Gelatin… 10g
・ Hot water ... 3 tbsp
《Non alcohol》
・ Normal temperature apple juice… 200 ml
・ Gelatin… 5g
・ Hot water ... 2 tbsp

■ Steps:
1. Mix room temperature beer and ginger ale
2. Dissolve gelatin in hot water and mix with 1 (mix with apple juice)
3. Add until about 80% of the cup
4. Mix the remaining jelly liquid with a whisk and put the foam on top.
(If the bubbles disappear, increase the amount of gelatin and adjust the foam again.)
5. It is completed after cooling in the refrigerator for about 3 hours ♪

-Production: Tsukuriko

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