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Top Sweets Flower Yogurt Peach Cake

Flower Yogurt Peach Cake


Flower Yogurt Peach Cake

CCHAN Cooking
・Canned peach...1 can(the fruit and syrup)
・Lemon juice...3g
・Gelatine...15g(10g and 5g)
・Hot water...2 TBSP

1. Crack the cookies into little pieces and put into the cake mould, have it spreaded evenly.
2. Drain the water in the yogurt completely, let it set for 1 hour. Then, place yogurt, lemon jice and sugar in a mixing bowl, mix them well.
3. Dissovle the 10g gelatine in the warm milk then pour into the mixture that made at step 2.
4. Pour the mixture all into the cake mould, then transfer it to the fridge for 30 mins.
5.Slice the canned peach then top on the cakes to decorate, make it look like flour.
6. Dissovle another 5g gelatine in hot water, add the canned syrup in it then pour on the top of cake, transfer to the fridge again to let it set for above 1 hour.

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