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Top Diy Recycled Perfume Bottle Necklace ♡

Recycled Perfume Bottle Necklace ♡


Recycled Perfume Bottle Necklace ♡

Change a simple item into a beautiful accessory with resin♪
This time we will introduce a way to make a necklace out of an empty sauce bottle!

【What you need】
· Talent jewelry type (100 yen shop, mail order)
· UV-LED resin star drops HARD
· Resin coloring pendant of jewelry pink / polarized pearl
· gloves
· Toning palette
· Toning stick
· Glitter powder
· UV light
· cutter
· beads
· Heaton cap
· tweezers
· Round part
· necklace chain
· Flat Yatko

1) Mix pink, polarized light pearl and glitter powder in clear resin
2) Pour into the bottle about 1/3 of the way
3) Pour Clear Resin up to the top of the Bottle
4) Cure with UV light
5) Make an the incision on the sauce bottle with a cutter and remove the bottle
6) Hang the resin on the top of the perfume bottle, set the beads and harden it
7) Apply another bead and Heaton cap in the same way
8) Completed by connecting to the necklace chain with a round can!

What other reusable items might you have? ♪

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