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Top Cooking Boiled Egg Decorating Ideas🌸🥚

Boiled Egg Decorating Ideas🌸🥚


Boiled Egg Decorating Ideas🌸🥚

Great for Sport Meets! 3 boiled egg decorations

Introducing boiled egg decoration that is perfect for making lunch boxes gorgeous!
It is perfect for athletic events and is recommended ♡

Boil the eggs for 7-8 minutes

~ Flower eggs ~

■ What you need
・ Boiled egg… 1
・ Bamboo skewers ... 5
・ Rubber bands ... 2

1. Have bamboo skewers around boiled eggs.
2. Fasten the tip with a rubber band and do the same on the other side.
POINT: If the width is even, the finish will be beautiful
3. Leave it for about 15 minutes to make a hollow
4. Cut with a slicer and you're done ♪

~ A cute egg with a straw ~

■ What you need
・ Boiled egg… 1
・ Straw ... 1 bottle

◎ Face Egg
1.Put the straw into the yolk
2. Triangle the tip of the straw with your finger and cut out the mouth.
◎ Flower deco egg
1.Put the straw into the yolk and cut out in 5 places
2. Place ketchup in the middle and add the leaves to make flowers

~ Tea cup egg ~

■ Ingredients
・ Boiled eggs ... 2
・ Sesame ... 2
・ Nori (seaweed)… a little
・ Ketchup ... a little
・ Chikuwa (fish cake) ... a little
・ radish ... a little

1. Cut the boiled egg at the line.
2.Cut out the middle egg with two straws
3. Cut the chikuwa slice into 1/3. Use the right side
4. Make a teacup handle by inserting a chikuwa into the hole
5. Insert a straw into the nose and pull it out a little.
Paste black sesame, ketchup, seaweed and decorate it.

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