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Top Diy DIY Heart Ring💕

DIY Heart Ring💕


DIY Heart Ring💕

DIY Heart Ring💕

Feeling like a princess,
I want to enjoy weekend dates etc with it♪

[Things to prepare]
・ Glass ball heart ... Approx. 22 x 11 mm clear
・ Contents ... Pearl, Swarovski, beads, etc.
・ Ring stand Round plate… 8mm
・ tag
・ Adhesives ... for metallic glass
・ toothpick

① Fold the sticky note in half and put pearls or beads on it
② Pour into a glass ball
③ If you attach a ring with adhesive, it's done!

Because it is a large glass ball,

Remove the usual ring,
Let's go out to the city with a glittering heart!

Clipper: Haruna * Haruna

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