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Top Sweets Cute Pudding in Egg Shell

Cute Pudding in Egg Shell


Cute Pudding in Egg Shell

CCHAN Cooking
<Cute Pudding in Egg Shell>
■ Cooking time: about 60 minutes
■ Material cost: About $5.50

■ Ingredients (6 to 8)
· Heavy cream ..... 200ml
· Milk ..... 150ml
· honey ... 2 tablespoons
Egg yolk ..... 3
· Egg shell ..... 6 ~ 8

· Whipped cream ... appropriate amount
· Caramel sauce ... appropriate amount
· Mint ... appropriate amount

■ Steps
1. Break the egg shell near the sharp end with a spoon and take out the contents.
2. Mix cream, milk, sugar and mix only the egg yolk taken out in step 1.
3. Pour 2 pudding mixture into eggshell (that was broken carefully at top only).
4. Place about 1 cm of hot water in the baking tray. Put in oven preheated to 180 ° C, put 3 in and steam it for 40 minutes while watching the state.
*If it seems to burn, put aluminum foil on halfway through.
※ To stabilize the eggshell,it is good to create a base with crumpled aluminum foil.
5. Add caramel sauce, whipped cream, and finish with mint on top♪

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