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Top Diy The “Clear” Trend! Transparent Earrings

The “Clear” Trend! Transparent Earrings


The “Clear” Trend! Transparent Earrings

With the “Clear” Trend! Transparent Earrings

Now that the popularity of large swing earrings continues, we want to pay attention to accessories with plenty of transparency.
You can make your own form using plastic ♡

[Things to prepare]
・ Plastic sheet for work
・ Scissors
・ Hole punch
・ toaster
・ Aluminum foil
・ tweezers
・ UV / LED resin "Hoshi no Shizuku” HARD
・ Flat brush
・ UV light
・ Mirror powder for nail
・ Flat pincers
・ Round parts
・ Earrings

1. Cut the working plastic plate to the desired shape with scissors and make a hole with a hole punch.
2. Place in a toaster with aluminum foil and take it out just before the shape changes and shrinks.
3. Take out the shrunken plastic with tweezers and let it cool.
4. When the plastic plate cools, apply resin on both sides with a flat brush and cure with UV light for about 10 seconds.
5. Apply mirror powder to the plastic with the attached tip, apply resin again, and cure for about 10 seconds.
6. Completed by connecting the plastic plate and earring parts with a round part.

It is designed like a water surface that shines in the sunlight and has a refreshing feeling!
Please make it by all means ♡

* Use of gloves and ventilation of the room are recommended during work.
* Resin is very hot and should be handled with care.

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