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Top Cooking 4 Amazing Savory Waffle Maker Recipes 😋

4 Amazing Savory Waffle Maker Recipes 😋


4 Amazing Savory Waffle Maker Recipes 😋

CCHAN Cooking
4 Amazingly Savory Waffle Maker Recipes 😋

I made just about everything with a waffle maker!!
Your everyday ingredient may seem more appetizing..

・ Eggs… 2
・ Mix cheese… 50g
・ Bacon ... one piece
・ Mixed vegetable… 40g
・ Crab meat ... 2 bottles
・ Ketchup… appropriate amount
・ Cotton tofu… 2
・ Large leaf ... one piece
・ Grated radish ... 1 tbsp
・ “Jurepon” vinegar ... 2 tablespoons
Kimchi fried rice
・ Rice ... 250g
・ Eggs… 1
・ Green onion ... suitable amount
・ Korean laver… 4 pieces
・ Kimchi ... 100g
・ Mozzarella cheese ... 100g
Potato bacon cheese
・ French fries ... 200g
・ Thick bacon ... 2 pieces
・ Emmental cheese ... 4 pieces
・ Ketchup… appropriate amount

■ Steps
1. Bake the omelet by mixing ingredients other than ketchup. Completed with ketchup.
2. Tofu should be dried before baking. Finished with green leaves, grated radish, and julepon vinegar.
3. In the kimchi fried rice style, mix rice, eggs, green onions, and Korean laver. Put half of the kimchi in the middle. Bake with cheese and the rest of the rice. Sprinkle with green onions and complete.
4. For potato bacon cheese, put half the french fries, put thick sliced ​​bacon, emmental cheese, and the remaining french fries and bake. Completed with ketchup.

Production: Kiriko Miura

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