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Top Gourmet 【Singapore】Unique cafe, "SPRMRK"

【Singapore】Unique cafe, "SPRMRK"


【Singapore】Unique cafe, "SPRMRK"

Audrey Patricia
SPRMRKT... pronounced as Supermarket, is a unique cafe that offers a supermarket shopping experience while dining. Conveniently located in Singapore's business district, SPRMRKT is a cafe that you should definitely check out! The interior exudes a nice and warm industrial vibe, decorated with all sorts of quirky items... from hand painted porcelain plates to fresh produce (all available for purchase). SPRMRKT offers mainly all-day breakfast foods, but the highlight here, is their signature Truffle Fries. The truffle fries came in a metal tin can... how cute and unique! SPRMRKT's truffle fries is nice and crispy, with each french fry generously coated with truffle oil.

Price - Truffle Fries with Parmesan and Kelp S$12


address 2 McCallum Street, Singapore 069043
ウェブ Thttp://www.sprmrkt.com.sg

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