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Top Diy DIY: Steam Flat Necklace

DIY: Steam Flat Necklace


DIY: Steam Flat Necklace

A watch and gear...
Do you like the world of 「Steam Flat」?!
If you have the 「Steam Flat」necklace which is nostalgic atmosphere and machine motif, you become a leading role of coordinates!

【Things you need】
・Charm of watch
・UV resin ''Taiyou No Shizuku'' hard type
・Adhesive for UV resin ''Houseki No Shizuku'' Cyan
・Gear parts
・Parts set of the watch (including the needle)
・Clear rhinestone 3 pieces of big size and small size
・Chain charm of Rose Gold
・1 piece of round jump ring
・Necklace chain
・Palette for arranging the resin
・Spoon for arranging the resin
・UV light
・Pin set

You can buy those parts at hardware store or DIY store!

【How to make】
①Put the resin in the palette and mix the ''Houseki No Shizuku'' then make color which you like
②Put the ? resin in the watch charm and make it hard once
③Arrange the big gear parts and broken watch parts on the hard resin and pour the transparent resin to fix it.
④Put the small gear parts, needles of watch and rhinestone then pour the resin while arranging it
⑤Connect the gear charm and the necklace chain by round jump ring to complete!

It looks more professional once you use the watch parts!
The point to improve looks is put the big size parts boldly!

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