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Top Diy DIY Jurassic World Bottle Lid

DIY Jurassic World Bottle Lid


DIY Jurassic World Bottle Lid

【What you need】
・Quail eggs
・Pick, etc
・Cotton swab
・Mini dinosaur
・UV-LED resin “Hoshi no Shizuku” HARD
・UV light
・A small bottle with a lid
・grass sheet
・Brown colored powder
・Miniature people, trees
1. Crack the quail egg with a thin tool, such as a pick, so that the shape of the egg remains and take out the insides and yolk (you can use the insides for cooking, etc.).
2. Wash the shell with clean water, rub inside with a cotton swab, clean and dry it.
3. Cut the miniature dinosaur into the size of the egg and stick it with resin on the inside of the shell. After fixing the dinosaur, the inside of the shell is filled with resin and hardened.
4. Apply bond to the lid of the bottle and stick on the lawn sheet.
5. Bond the color powder with resin and place the egg on it.
6. Decorate the surroundings with mini people and trees, and it’s complete!!

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