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Top Diy Big Flower Hair Clip

Big Flower Hair Clip


Big Flower Hair Clip

· Cloth (for petals: 3 cm × 15, for leaves: 3 cm × 7, for base: 6 cm × 2)
· Styrofoam plate for base
· Hair clip metal fittings
· Flower core (pearl, peppers, etc.)
· Glue

① Glue the rolled styrofoams with woodworking bonds, wrap them with cloth, then glue the brackets to the back with a metal adhesive.(Diameter of styrofoam: 4 cm, 3 cm, 2 cm)
② Make 15 pieces of petal cloth folded with tweezers.
③ Attach a petal with a bond.
④ Cut the extra part of the flower core and bond 5 pieces to the center of the flower with glue.
⑤ Apply a glue to the tip of the petal and sharpen the tip of the petal with a finger.
⑥ Make 7 pieces of cloth for leaf folded with tweezers.
⑦ Insert the leaf which was made into the flower, 2: 2: 3 and bond with bond.
⑧ When the bond dries over about 1 day it is completed!

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