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Top Diy DIY Resin Accessory Stand☆

DIY Resin Accessory Stand☆


DIY Resin Accessory Stand☆

How creative is this DIY accessory stand??
It really adds to interior decor ♪ and is functional at the same time!

【What you need】
· Desert Glass (100 yen shop)
· UV-LED resin star drop SOFT × 3
· gloves
· Acrylic stone
· Acrylic Pearl
· Plastic gold rings
· tweezers
· Glitter powder
· Toning stick
· UV light
· Artificial flower

1) Pour a bottle of resin into a desert glass
2) After placing acrylic stone, glitter, acrylic pearl and plastic rings, harden with UV light
3) Pour another bottle of resin
4) Arrange the pearls and rings and harden it
5) Pour one more bottle of resin
6) Add the artificial flower and cure it and it will be completed!

If you use a smaller glass, you won’t have to use this much resin!
Please try it by all means ♪

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