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Top Gourmet Too Cute♡ Sweets Festival of Your Dreams

Too Cute♡ Sweets Festival of Your Dreams


Too Cute♡ Sweets Festival of Your Dreams

Sweets festival where girls can enjoy many photogenic sweets at once♡
Held at LaLaport Toyosu, Funabashi, Tachikawa sequentially from September 15th!
There are limited menus that can only be eaten here that are popular on SNS so it's a must check!

There is a photo spot to take cute photos with sweets!
Let's take lots of cute pictures here♪

<When and Where>
September 15 (Fri) - September 18 (Mon) Urban Dock LaLaport Toyosu
September 28 (Thur) - October 1 (Sun) LaLaport TOKYO - BAY (Funabashi City)
October 6 (Fri) - October 9 (Mon) LaLaport Tachikawa Tachihi

<Sweets Shown>
■ Monarch of London
At: Toyosu, TOKYO-BAY
From the UK sweets brand "Monarch of London", the very popular "Unicorn Yogurt smoothie" is served. It's a dreamy and cute menu.

At: Toyosu, Tachikawa Tachihi
Limited Menu: Flower Whipped Lassi They serve yogurt drinks with cute edible flowers. Three flavors, Acai, Raspberry, Matcha, are available.

■ Lounge1908
At: Toyosu, TOKYO-BAY, Tachikawa Tachihi
Limited Menu: Cold Brew Fruit Tea
Shop in Minami Aoyama where 1F is a cafe and 2F is a restaurant.
Iced tea filled with fruits using organic tea leaves from San Francisco, USA.

■ MIRliton cafe
At: Toyosu, Tachikawa Tachihi
Limited Menu: Mirliton Latte with Organic Matcha from Kagoshima MIRliton cafe serves a colorful drink using the now popular "Oirii" as toppings.
This time they sell Matcha jelly and Matcha drinks using 100% organic matcha from Kagoshima.

■ Ikumi Mama's Animal Donuts!
At: Toyosu, TOKYO-BAY
Animal Donuts
A donut store popular on Twitter for their "Kitty Mike®" "Kuro" animal donuts
Famous for being too cute to eat♡

■ TAIYAKI SWEETS Taiyaki parfait
At: Toyosu
Taiyaki parfait
Warm red bean paste fills the inside of the taiyaki, so first you taste the cool parfait and afterwards the warm taiyaki! Its a so-called "hya-hokka (cool-warm)" concept sweets that looks amazing!

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