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Top Cooking No need for pizza dough! Yakisoba Pizza☆

No need for pizza dough! Yakisoba Pizza☆


No need for pizza dough! Yakisoba Pizza☆

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No need for pizza dough! Yakisoba Pizza ☆

When you want to eat pizza in any way possible. Asking for a home delivery is expensive, and kneading the dough from scratch takes too long ...
It is this arrangement recipe that I want you to remember at such time ☆
I will bake fried noodles crispy and make it pizza style ♡
Easy to make and outstanding ! Once made, yakisoba dough is better than pizza dough! Maybe!

■ Ingredients
・ Yakisoba ... 2 bags
・ Soft flour (Hakurikiko) ... 30g
・ Water… 80ml
・ Pizza sauce… appropriate amount
・ Tomato ... 1
・ Basil ... appropriate amount
・ Mozzarella cheese ... appropriate amount

■ Steps
1. Relax the yakisoba with water, add the flour and mix until it blends in
2. Put 1 in a frying pan filled with olive oil, press it with a masher or ladle from above to shape it, spread it flat and bake it
3. When you have a nice grilled color, turn it over using the lid and add to the front and back
4. When the dough has browned and hardened, put the pizza sauce → tomato → mozzarella in this order, cover and cook with steam
5. When the mozzarella cheese melts, put basil on the finish and bake it a little more and it is complete ♪

It looks completely like a pizza, but when you cut it out, the base is Yakisoba ~ ♪
It is an interesting cooking method that is delicious and full of tummy ♪
Please make it by all means ♡

-Production: Tsukuriko

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