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Top Gourmet "Macho Niku Ya" in Ebisu (closed now)

"Macho Niku Ya" in Ebisu (closed now)


"Macho Niku Ya" in Ebisu (closed now)

Fancy eating Korean BBQ whilst watching muscular macho men serving you? "Macho Niku Ya" offers the unique experience for limited time. I went there on the first day of the opening so it was very busy with the cutomers and also a TV crew. It was so fun watching big, muscular waiters grill meat in front of us! When ordering, you can put a sticker on your favourite waiter's body, then he'll show you the body part's muscle flexing close to your eyes! Talking with them is so much fun too:) Compliment them with words such as "Dekkaiyo!(You are so big!)" and "Kireteruyo!(Great six packs!)", as you are likely to get more services doing so from a pleased waiters. Although, you might get told off buy stacked waiters if you order rice, as they avoid taking carbs to grow muscles and call it "Oroka-meshi(Food for the absurd)". Enjoy fun dining here surrounded by their delicious meat and beautiful bodies♡ It's open for limited time only, so hurry up everyone!

2015 November 2nd〜9th

Macho Nikuya Ebisu

address Fujisaki building 2F, 1-7-5 Ebisu Nishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
ウェブ http://machoniku-macho29.strikingly.com/

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