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Top Diy DIY: Unique Keychain Ideas

DIY: Unique Keychain Ideas


DIY: Unique Keychain Ideas

Create Your Own ♡ DIY Mini Nail Polish Charm

・ Nail polish brush
・ straw
・ UV-LED resin
・ UV resin coloring agent Jewel Agate (Black)
・ Toning palette
・ Masking tape
・ UV-LED light (9w)
・ Color Art Resin (Bold)
・ Glass dome
・ toothpick
・ Heaton
・ Round part
・ Keychain parts

1. Cut the straw with scissors and paste it on the masking tape.
2. Pour in a black colored resin.
3. Cut the nail polish brush handle with nippers and cut the brush with scissors.
4. Stir 3 in the center of the straw and cure for about 1 minute.
5. Pour and mix color art resin and clear resin into the glass dome.
6. Put resin on the rim of the glass dome and place step 4 on top.
7. Cure for about 1 minute.
8. Complete by connecting key holder parts.

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