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Top Makeup Which Double Eyelid Tape is Best?

Which Double Eyelid Tape is Best?


Which Double Eyelid Tape is Best?

Which Double Eyelid Tape is Best?

There are so many double eyelid tapes that I do not know which one to use!
They are mostly over 1000 yen and you can’t try them in the store, so you want to know which one is right for you!

So, we actually tried out five different popular eye tapes.

Double eyelid tapes will look different depending on whether you use them with or without eyeshadow, so it’s important to check what each finish will look like. We hope you can find one that suits you~

※ The model has a deep double eyelid, which is said to be the most common among Japanese.

① Elizabeth Biolia Eye Tape

Although it has adhesive strength, it seems to peel off on the edge with everyday eye movement since the tape is hard. Because the length doesn’t fit deep double eyelids, we recommend it to those with monolids.
Because it does not go well with eye shadow, it is ideal for when you are casually going about your day or spending the day at home.

② D-UP Wonder Eyelid tape one side type

This is also a single-sided adhesive tape, but unlike Elizabeth Bioria Eye Tape, this one is a semi-transparent nude color. It looks more natural and can easily blend into your skin color.
Because the tape is not too wide, it’s good to use for those who have unbalanced double eyelids.

③ Shonan beauty eye lid tape

This is a double-sided tape. It is pretty natural compared to a single-side type!
Because the tape itself is short, it will get lost on those who have deep double lids. It is recommended for those who just want to widen the width of their double eyelids.

④ LUXE Super Fiber Super Hard 1.8 mm

This is a double-sided adhesive fiber that extends! It’s pretty natural because you can stretch it to how thin you want it. However, because the adhesive strength is a bit weak, it may come off over time with makeup or oil buildup.

⑤ Mezaic free fiver

This is also a double sided adhesive fiber. Even though the fibers themselves are rather thin, the adhesive is pretty strong and will create a proper double eyelid that will last throughout the day. It is natural even after applying eye shadow, and creates a wide double eyelid.

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