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Top Sweets Soda or cake? Bottle dessert!

Soda or cake? Bottle dessert!


Soda or cake? Bottle dessert!

CCHAN Cooking
Let's make a cute dessert in the shape of a soda bottle!

■ Cooking time: about 40 minutes (except refrigeration and freezing time)
■ Ingredients cost: Approximately 1900 yen

■ Ingredients:
· Coca Cola (1 liter) bottle ... 1 bottle
· Chocolate 500 g
· Wafer ... 10 sheets

· Water ... 90ml
· Cherry Brandy ... 30ml
· Granulated sugar ... 30 g

<Raspberry cream>
· Whipped cream ... 200ml
· Granulated sugar ... 20 g
· Raspberry Puree ... 100ml

■ Steps
(Preparation) Peel off the bottle label and cut it up.

1. Tape the cut bottle, leaving a rectangular space open.
2. Pour melted chocolate in the open space and spread it throughout. Cool it in a refrigerator until it solidifies. Repeat this 2 times.
3. Add raspberry puree to whipped cream and mix with a whisk.
4. Lay down wafers in the bottle. Heat and mix the syrup material and add on the wafer with a brush.
5. After filling the bottle with cream, paint chocolate on the rectangular cut out part and then smooth the surface. Cool it in a freezer for at least 3 hours or until it solidifies.
6. Gently peel off the tape, remove the plastic parts, and finish by adding the label and cap♪

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