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Top Bodycare 【Singapore】Multi-brand store!

【Singapore】Multi-brand store!


【Singapore】Multi-brand store!

Audrey Patricia
Naiise is a multi-brand store, featuring many local artists and designers. The store is extremely spacious, leaving you free to discover and explore as much as you would like. Naiise curates a wide variety of locally designed products, from T-shirts, artisan soap, fine watches and jewellery, there's is something that you're bound to like! Feel free to check out their range of beautifully packaged spices as well as their uniquely flavoured tea! If you're itching to learn something new, fret not, because Naiise also conducts a wide variety of workshops within their retail space! Naiise is definitely a place worth checking out whenever you're in Singapore!

Ginger Snaps Soap S$13
Golden Age Watch S$149


address 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, Central, #02-23 Singapore 059817
ウェブ http://www.naiise.com

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