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Top Makeup Productive at Home! Cleaning Makeup

Productive at Home! Cleaning Makeup


Productive at Home! Cleaning Makeup

Productive at Home! Cleaning Makeup

[How to wash the brush]
1. Put lukewarm water and neutral detergent in a cup at a ratio of 200: 1 and mix.
2. Wash the brush as close as possible to the metal part of the handle.
3. Rinse well until it no longer foams and wipe off with a clean towel.
4. Place the bristles sideways or face down and dry in the shade.
NG: Drying with a dryer causes hair damage.
If you dry the hair with the tip of the hair facing up, water will accumulate at the root and it will easily become unsanitary.

[How to wash the puff]
1. Apply a neutral detergent to the puff and wash it in warm water.
2. When the dirt comes off, rinse thoroughly until there is no slimy feeling or lathering.
3. Wipe off the water with a clean towel and dry in the shade.

[How to wash a makeup pouch]
1. If a lot of powder is attached, tap it to remove the powder and then wash.
2. Add neutral detergent to lukewarm water and make it foam.
3. Put the pouch inside out and wash it.
4. Gently rub the dirty parts with a toothbrush that is no longer needed.
5. Rinse thoroughly with running water and dry in the shade.

[To prevent dirt ...]
1. Cut the plastic bag into the size of the pouch and protect the inside.
(Cut into a small piece so that the fastener will not bite.)
2. Cover the brush to prevent the powder from getting everywhere.

* Because neutral detergent is used, it is recommended to use rubber gloves. Also, I used a neutral detergent this time, but you can use a special cleaner.

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