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Top Sweets No Bake! Big Oreo Cake!

No Bake! Big Oreo Cake!


No Bake! Big Oreo Cake!

Simple cake that can be made without baking ♪
The look and taste have a great impact!
If you change the size of the bowl you make, you can make a small cake.

■ Ingredients:
・ Oreo… 3 boxes
・ Milk (for soaking oreos) ... a little
・ Cream cheese… 200g
・ Sugar… 80g
・ Whipped cream… 400ml
・ Strawberry… appropriate amount
・ Banana ... appropriate amount
・ Lemon juice ... appropriate amount

■ Steps
Preparation: Strawberries and bananas are cut small. Squeeze the lemon on the banana
1. Divide Oreo into cream and cookies, and dip the cookies in milk.
2. Put the wrap on the bowl and line up one by one.
POINT: Cut oreos in half toward the opening and line it up to make it more beautiful
3. Mix cream cheese and whipped cream with cream cheese and spread on step 2.
4. After arranging the Oreo to the top again, apply a little cream and sprinkle the cut strawberries.
5. Put cream on 4 and add Oreo, repeat until the top ends with Oreo. (Oreo, cream, strawberry, cream, oreo ...)
6. Wrap and cool in the refrigerator.
7. Cut out of the mold and finish!

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