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Top Cooking Unusual Fried Recipe Dishes!

Unusual Fried Recipe Dishes!


Unusual Fried Recipe Dishes!

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Unusual Fried Recipe Dishes!

Also. This too. Surprising materials are useful in this way!

■ Ingredients
[fried somen]
・ Somen: 1/2 bundle
・ Dried seaweed ... appropriate amount
・ Potato salad: appropriate amount
・ Charville: appropriate amount

[Vermicelli Fry]
・ Vermicelli ... 50g
・ Shrimp Chili ... 100g

[Swirl fry]
・ Flour ... 100g
・ Sugar ... 10g
・ Water ... 70ml
・ Ice cream: appropriate amount

■ Steps
[Fried somen]
1. Wrap both ends of somen with seaweed.
2. Put in deep-fried oil, spread the center with chopsticks and fry for about 2 minutes.
3. Completed with 3 kinds of potato salad and chervil.

[Vermicelli Fry]
1. In a deep strainer, push the vermicelli in with a ladle and fry it.
2. Completed with shrimp chilli.

[Swirl fry]
1. Put all ingredients in a bowl, mix and put into a squeeze bag.
2. Add ladle fried oil for about 10 seconds to warm. Draw a swirl on the back of the ladle. Fry until colored with oil.
3. Completed over ice cream.

Production: Kyoko Miura

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