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Top Cooking Fortune awaits! Demon Omelette Rice!?

Fortune awaits! Demon Omelette Rice!?


Fortune awaits! Demon Omelette Rice!?

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Fortune is inside! Demon Omelette Rice!?

It is a perfect menu for setsubun to fill your stomach. “Setsubun: is on February 3rd and is a Japanese holiday in which families gather with their children and throw soybeans at demons to cast them away from the house for good luck!

Ketchup price
・ Rice ... 200g
・ Ketchup ... 2 tablespoons
・ Salt and pepper ... appropriate amount
・ Onions ... 1/4
・ Sliced ​​bacon… 40g
・ Carrot… 10g
Scrambled eggs
・ Eggs… 2
・ Sugar ... 2 tsp
・ Salt… 1 knob
Thinly baked egg
・ Eggs… 1
・ Sugar ... 1 tsp
・ Salt… 1 knob
・ Water-soluble potato starch
Demon face parts
・ Ham ... one
・ Slice cheese… 1
・ Dried seaweed ... appropriate amount

・ Naruto fish cake… 1/2
・ Pasta… 1 bottle
・ Hanpen (a type of fish cake) ... 2 sheets

1. Combine the ingredients with the eggs, sift and spread thinly in a skillet over low heat to make thinly baked eggs.
2. When cut into 1cm thickness, stick 5 pieces into dried pasta and boil for the specified time.
3. Cut out the starch with a toothpick and make a cloud shape.
4. Roll the ketchup rice with plastic wrap and serve on a plate. Decorate and serve scrambled eggs. Decorate the face parts and complete.

Planning and production: Arisa Shirai

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