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Top Diy DIY Beautiful Swan Lake Earrings✨

DIY Beautiful Swan Lake Earrings✨


DIY Beautiful Swan Lake Earrings✨


DIY Beautiful Swan Lake Earrings✨

These days the heat wave continues. We came up with swan earrings to remind us of the cool lake in this heat!

[What you need]
・ Resin clay
・ Glass dome
・ Clear beads
・ UV-LED resin "Hoshi no Shizuku” HARD
・ Swan mini-figure
・ tweezers
・ UV light (9w)
・ purified water
・ Cosmetic syringe
・ Heaton cap
・ Strong adhesive
・ Bead with can
・ Round can
・ Hook earring parts
・ Flat Pincers

1 Roll an appropriate amount of plastic clay and place it on a workbench, and place a glass dome on it (make sure the dome does not shake.)
2. Place a small amount of clear beads in the dome and a small amount (1-2 drops) of resin. Stand the swan figure on it and cure with UV light for about 30 seconds.
3. Fill the dome with purified water.
4. Place strong adhesive on the back of the heaton cap and cover the dome with it.
5. Connect the dome and pierced parts with beads with cans or round cans and it's complete.

*When curing a large amount of resin at once, the glass may break, so when adding the resin to the glass dome, adjust the amount little by little and cure.
* Use of gloves and ventilation of the room are recommended during work.
* Resin is very hot and should be handled with care.

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