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Top Sweets Get in the Christmas mood ♡ Santa Choux

Get in the Christmas mood ♡ Santa Choux


Get in the Christmas mood ♡ Santa Choux

CCHAN Cooking
It’s not summer anymore, but you can still incorporate coconut into your Christmas recipes!
How cute is this Santa Choux a la Creme?!

■ Cooking time About 80 minutes
■ Ingredients cost Approx. 400 yen

■ Ingredients:
· Butter ... 45g
· Milk ... 100 g
· Light flour ... 60 g
· Egg ... 100 g

· Marshmallow ... appropriate amount
· Shredded Coconut ... appropriate amount
· Custard cream ... appropriate amount
· White chocolate ... appropriate amount
· Strawberry ... appropriate amount

■ Steps:
1. Put butter and milk in a pan and boil. Turn off the fire and add the wheat flour. Mix it quickly.
2. Add eggs in three portions. Put the dough in a squeeze bag.
3. Squeeze out a 2 to 3 cm circle.
After draining the moisture and adding a pattern on the surface with a fork, bake for 10 minutes in a 200 ° oven, lower it to 180 ° and bake for 20 minutes.
4 Once it cools, inject custard cream
5. Heat the marshmallow in the microwave for 10 seconds and put it in a squeeze bag. Squeeze out and add finely shredded coconut. Wait until it is hardens.
6. Dip the lower part of the custard cream-filled puff about 1 cm deep in boiled white chocolate. Add plenty of finely shredded coconut
7. Cut off the top and bottom part of the strawberry and place the cream puff on top. Place the tip of the cut strawberry on top of the cream puff and add the marshmallows from step 5 to the tip as well as the side of the strawberries (as Santa’s buttons) to complete

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