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Top Diy Resin Candy Charm

Resin Candy Charm


Resin Candy Charm

Resin Candy Charm

■ Working time: about 40 minutes
■ Material cost: Approximately $5

· UV resin hoshi-no-shizuku / HARD
· Resin coloring houseki-no-shizuku
· Toning palette
· Toning stick
· Hemispherical silicon mold
· UV light
· Transparent Origami (Daiso)
· Pin drill for opening resin holes
· Flat pliers
Round jump ring
· Parts of your choice
· Key holder parts

1) Mix resin, coloring agent, hologram in the palette
2) Pour into mold
3) Once cured with UV light, thinly spread the resin, put on a previously prepared hemisphere and harden it
4) Cut the transparent origami in accordance with the size of the ball made of resin and wrap it like a candy
5) For reinforcement, firmly apply resin to the entire candy and harden it
6) Drill a hole through for the round jump ring
※ If you drill too much towards the end it will crack, so please be careful
7) After inserting the round jump ring into the hole, connect the chain
8) Once you've connected your favorite parts and candy to the keyring parts, it will be completed!

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