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Top Cooking Shareable Ring-shaped Spring Roll!

Shareable Ring-shaped Spring Roll!


Shareable Ring-shaped Spring Roll!

CCHAN Cooking
It's like a dream! ! The cheese inside stretches and the outside is so crisp—the flavors and textures come together so well ♡

■ Cooking time: Approximately 50 minutes (excluding cold storage time)
■ Ingredient cost: Approximately 1600 yen

■ Ingredients:
18cm Angel type pan: 1
· Spring roll skin ... 1P (10 sheets)
· Spicy Chili Pepper (round slices) ... 2-3
· Onions ... 1 piece
· Minced pork ... 400g
· Zucchini ... 1 piece
· Maitake (mushroom) · · · 1P
· String cheese ... 4 bottles
· Fried oil ... appropriate amount
· Cilantro (if you like) ... appropriate amount

· Tomato sauce ... 150g
· Chili sauce ... 150g
· Soy sauce ... 30ml
· Liquor ... 30ml
· Garlic Tubes ... 1 teaspoon

■ Steps
Chop the onions into small pieces.
Cut the zucchini to 5 mm width, lightly add salt and heat it for 2 minutes in the range of 600 w.
Remove from heat and wipe off water.
Boil the mushrooms quickly with boiling water, and drain them.

1. In a frying pan, add 1 tablespoon of salad oil and hot chili pepper slices, stir-fry the onions when it begins to smell.
2. Add minced meat and fry until color changes, add A and boil down. Take off from the fire and set aside.
3. Cut spring roll skin vertically into four equal parts, and layer in an angel type dish twice. (While brushing on water with a brush)
4. Add in (in the order of): minced meat from step 2, zucchini, mushrooms, string cheese, and minced meat again.
5. Cover with the spring leaf skin from the mold. (Water is applied with a brush to adhere the surfaces)
Cool it in a freezer for 2-3 hours. (Please look at the time to cool down)
6. Heat the frying oil to 160 ℃ and gently swirl the spring roll after removing from the mold.
When the surface turns into a brownish color, flip it over and fry it thoroughly until the opposite side also becomes brown.
Raise the temperature to 180 ° C, and when it stops frying, put it in a deep-fried net.
7. Place the cilantro in the middle and complete!
It’s easy to cut♪

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