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Top Culture Plastic Bag Rice Cooker?! Amazing Wrap!

Plastic Bag Rice Cooker?! Amazing Wrap!


Plastic Bag Rice Cooker?! Amazing Wrap!

Make Rice in a Plastic Bag?! i-wrap is Amazing! 👀

Do you know i-wrap that can be used for storage and cooking?
It has a heat-resistant temperature of 120 degrees Celsius and is a plastic bag that can be used in hot pot baths and microwave ovens.

Egg sandwich in 5 minutes
You can easily make it in the microwave even on a busy morning!

1. Break the egg into the i wrap and use a chopstick to make a hole in the yolk to prevent explosion.
2. Twist the mouth of the bag and place it on the bakeware.
3. Heat at 600W for 1 minute.
4. Remove once, gently rub, and heat for 10 seconds until the desired hardness is reached.
5. Add your favorite seasonings such as mayonnaise and salt pepper.
6. Completed with bread

☑️ juicy chicken ham
You can make juicy chicken ham without getting your hands dirty!

1. Turn the i wrap inside out, put it in your hand and take the meat.
2. Add herbed salt and let it mix.
3. Put (2) in a pan with a bakeware at the bottom and heat.
4. Turn off the heat when boiling, close the lid and leave it for 30 minutes.

☑️ Time-saving Meal
Since you can put more than one in one pot, simultaneous cooking is also possible ♪

1. Add the pork block meat and seasonings to the i wrap and allow to blend.
2. Put eggplant and seasoning in another bag.
3. Put the two bags in a pan with a baking pan at the bottom and heat.
4. Reduce the heat to a low boil, cover and heat for 30 minutes to complete.

Cooking rice useful in times of disaster
It is a way of cooking rice that can be used when the electricity has stopped and there is only a gas stove or even at a camp!

1. Put 1 serving of rice and 180cc of water in the i wrap, deflate the air well and tie the mouth.
2. Put the baking dish in the pan with the bottom and heat it over medium heat.
3. Reduce heat to a low boil and heat for 30 minutes to complete.

* Cooking examples were originally considered by the Mamatas editorial department. Please refrain from making inquiries about the recipe to the distributor.
* Please spread a baking dish on the bottom of the pot when bathing.
* When using in a microwave oven, place it on a heat-resistant dish and do not seal it.
* Please do not cook oily ingredients in the microwave.
* Do not use for high heat appliances such as ovens.

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