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Top Makeup Keep-At-Office Cosmetics!

Keep-At-Office Cosmetics!


Keep-At-Office Cosmetics!

■ If the foundation gets smudged ...
PLAYLIST Skin Texture Veil Moisturizing
Make-up finisher with a glossy feel by that fixes foundation without having to apply it again

■ If the office is dry ...
Avenne water 150 g
Because it is natural water, not only for moisturizing the whole face but it can also make hair straight♡

The Product hair wax
Hair wax which can be used in multiple ways from moisturizing the hand to moisturizing the lip!

■ If you get tired from work ...
Graphico Foot-Medi Fun Deo Spray W Refresh Cool
You can spray deodorant when pressing, and have a foot massage while deodorizing!

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