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Top Diy DIY Clear Cup with Bento Cup

DIY Clear Cup with Bento Cup


DIY Clear Cup with Bento Cup

· Toning palette
· Toning stick
· UV-LED Resin Taiyo-no-shizuku
· Resin coloring agent Houseki-no-shizuku Cyan, Blue, Purple, White
· Silicone bento cup
· UV light
· Flat brush

1. Prepare four toning palettes, put the resin in, and color with the colorant of each color.
2. Place cyan, blue, purple resin in silicone cup, add transparent resin, and white resin and make a marble pattern with a toothpick.
3. Place the same silicon cup on top of the silicon cup containing the resin and place glass in to keep down. Push the glass to such an extent that the resin does not leak out from between the silicon cups and harden with UV light.
4. Remove the top silicone cup and harden the bottom part again with UV light.
5. Remove from silicone cup, apply resin again and harden. By doing this, the surface unevenness disappears and the transparency increases.

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