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Top Sweets 3 Colorful Sprinkle Desserts

3 Colorful Sprinkle Desserts


3 Colorful Sprinkle Desserts

CCHAN Cooking
Luxurious!! 3 Colorful Sprinkle Desserts

Realize the small dreams you had as a child!
It's a cute recipe that uses plenty of color spray♡

Color spray cake
・Sponge material...260g
・Color spray...appropriate amount
・Whipped cream...appropriate amount
・Food color: appropriate amount

Color spray toast
・Bread... 1 sheet
・Color spray...appropriate amount

Ice cream cookie sandwich
・Ice cream...appropriate amount
・Color spray...appropriate amount

■ Steps
Color spray cake
1. For cake, mix sponge dough with color spray, bake in 170°C oven for 20 minutes, and remove heat.
2. Mix whipped cream with food color and color spray
3. Cut the sponge of 1. into 3 equal parts. Apply the cream from step 2.
4. Apply the rest of the cream around the cake and sprinkle the color spray on the bottom to complete.

Color spray toast
1. Marshmallow toast
put marshmallow on bread and roast the surface with a burner to remove charcoal.
2. Sprinkle it with color spray to complete.

Color spray ice cream sandwich
1. Put ice cream in a cookie.
2. Put color spray around and complete.

Production: Kiko Miura

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