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Top Travel Kinosaki Trip #2 Onsen and Seafood!

Kinosaki Trip #2 Onsen and Seafood!


Kinosaki Trip #2 Onsen and Seafood!

Kinosaki Trip with Erika! part2
My second time in Kinosaki! Unfortunately it was raining today, but there were parkings near by so I could explore other onsen hotels too!!! Near the Kinosaki Onsen station, there are many souvenir stores, as well as resturants where you can enjoy seafood!!! I love seafood, so it is great!!!

I went to 'Kounoyu', which is one of the oldest onsens, it is said that their waters bring happiness and longer life. I was warmed up from the inside, and my skin super smooth!

It was raining this time so I could not do it, but it is wonderful when you can walk around the town in your Yukata!!! Definitely come here if you are looking for a nice relaxing vacation! I recommend eating crabs also as it is in season!


address 570-4 Imazu, Jokamachi, Toyooka-shi, Hyogo
ウェブ http://www.kinosaki-kourakuen.com/

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