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Top Diy Fluttering Plastic Petal Earrings♻️🌸

Fluttering Plastic Petal Earrings♻️🌸


Fluttering Plastic Petal Earrings♻️🌸

Fluttering Plastic Bottle Petal Earrings

Eco-series earrings that reuses plastic bottles ^^
[Production time]
50 minutes (excluding drying time)

[Materials to prepare]
① UV-LED resin 5g of hoshi no shizuku hard resin
(2) A little colorant for resin (red, purple)
③ 1 plastic bottle
④ Chain 3.5 cm x 2
⑤ 4 C cans
⑥ Round can 0.8 × 5mm × 2
⑦ Round can
⑧ 1 pair of piercing metal fittings

[Tools to prepare]
① UV light (using PAJICO UV-LED light mini)
② Toning stick
③ Toning palette
④ Silicon mat
⑤ Tweezers
⑥ scissors
⑦ Cutter
⑧ Flat pliers
⑨ Oil Magic
⑩ Iron
⑪ Cooking sheet
⑫ Brush
⑬ Pin vise
⑭ finger can
⑮ Paper pattern (3 cm, 2.5 cm, 1.5 cm circle, 2 × 1.5 cm petal shape)
① Cut both sides of the PET bottle with a cutter
(2) Cut the middle tube of (1) into 2 to 4 parts so that it fits easily to the pattern paper.
(3) Place (1) on the paper pattern and copy with oil-based marker. The pattern of the lower part is the same
④ After cutting ② according to the pattern, cut it again so that the surrounding waves are visible. Cut the parts under the pierce according to the pattern
⑤ Set the iron to medium temperature and press ③ from above the cooking sheet.
⑥ Make a red-purple resin and color ④ so that it becomes a gradation
⑦ Make a hole in ⑤ with pin vise
Put ⑥ through the upper and lower parts, round cans respectively
⑨ Connect ⑦ with a chain and attach piercing metal fittings

[Tips and points]
◎ Use thin plastic bottles. Thick ones may not bend well
◎ Depending on the type of PET bottle, it may not bend like the movie.
◎ The temperature setting of the iron differs depending on the manufacturer, so please adjust the temperature.
◎ Be sure to wear work gloves and gloves as it gets very hot when ironing
◎ If the temperature of the iron is too high, the PET bottle may melt. Please be sure to sandwich the cooking sheet between them.
◎ Plastic bottles shrink and become harder when heated (please be sure to cool them before touching or processing them)
◎ You can also use it as earrings by changing the metal fittings.
◎ Please pull it out with tweezers (toothpick) so that no bubbles remain on the resin.
◎ Make sure that the resin is solid
◎ If the resin gets on your skin, wash it off immediately.
◎ Please wear gloves and a mask when using the resin.
◎ When using resin, please work in a well-ventilated and well-ventilated place.

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