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Top Diy DIY:You Can Sign on a Selfie

DIY:You Can Sign on a Selfie


DIY:You Can Sign on a Selfie

■Working time: about 30 minutes
■Cost: about $8

-DAISO smartphone stand
- Cork sheet
- Strong double-sided tape
- White lace ribbon
- Acrylic plate
- DAISO white rhinestone seal
-White hook

① Remove the foot part of the smartphone stand.
② Cut the cork sheet according to the stand and paste the cork sheet on the stand with double-sided tape while leaving the hole of the connection part with the foot. Paste 4 pieces of the rectangle cork sheet from above.
③ Paste the lace ribbon so that the cork layer will be hidden.
④ Paste the hook on the side of the cork.
⑤ Paste the rhinestone sticker along the upper and lower edges of the acrylic plate.
⑥ Finished by pasting the acrylic plate on hook!

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