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Top Sweets Jiggly! Bikini Bottom Pudding 😋

Jiggly! Bikini Bottom Pudding 😋


Jiggly! Bikini Bottom Pudding 😋

CCHAN Cooking
A unique pudding dessert! It’s still a hot girl summer 🌞👙

■ Ingredients:
・ Eggs ... 3
・ Sugar ... 50g
・ Milk ... 350ml
・ Vanilla essence: appropriate amount
・ Gelatin ... 7g
・ Marzipan (pink) ... 50g
・ Blue Curacao Jelly Solution ... 200ml

■ Steps:
・ Preparation (purine liquid)
1. Put eggs and sugar in a bowl and mix, warm milk, add gelatin and melt with vanilla essence.
2. Filter with a strainer.

1. Pour the purine solution into the silicone butt mold and cool it in the refrigerator.
2. Roll out the pink colored marzipan and cut it into a bikini bottom shape.
3. Pour a glass of blue curacao jelly into the glass and cool in the refrigerator. Put the pudding on it.
4. Pour the jelly solution and cool it again.
5. Add a bikini bottom-shaped marzipan on and complete.

Photography cooperation: Atelier Dada

Production: Kyoko Miura
Camera: Ryo Daikyoji

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