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Top Gourmet 【Korea】Chicken galbi at Yoogane

【Korea】Chicken galbi at Yoogane


【Korea】Chicken galbi at Yoogane

Yvonne Flores
Yoogane is an extremely well-received galbi restaurant in Korea that started in Busan over 35 years ago. The most popular dish is chicken galbi, stirred fried dish with chicken and vegetables. Side dishes can be added to the dish including cheese, noodle, rice, to name a few. My favorite is the marinated chicken galbi fried rice for 6000won as it is very filling. It is not exactly spicy so no need to worry for a firey tummy later on. Price - Marinated chicken galbi fried rice - 6000won


address 3-1 Myeongdong, 2-ga Junggu, Seoul, South Korea
Phone Number 02-3288-9922
ウェブ http://www.yoogane.co.kr

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