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Top Diy 5 Gift Wrapping Ideas

5 Gift Wrapping Ideas


5 Gift Wrapping Ideas

■Paper ribbon with 3D words
Time:30 minutes.
Total cost:100 yen
    (Box cost not included)

・Construction Paper
・Printed words
・X-acto knife
・Glue Gun
・Decoration Stickers

【Steps 】
1)Cut the construction paper into strips and place the printed words that you want to cut on top of the strips with tape.
2)Use the X-acto knife to cut around the words, except the bottom of it
3)Peel off the printed words that you taped in step 1
4)Let the words stand from the construction paper and leave it foleded.
5)Create a loop for the construction paper.
6)Place another strip (if you have one) and layer it under the loop you just created.
7)Place the loops onto the box with glue gun.
8)Use decoration stickers to hide some spots

■Dollar store Sealing Stamp
Time Used:20 minutes
Total cost:200 yen
    (Box cost not included)

・Sealing Wax (Daiso)
・Sealing Stamp (Daiso)
・X-acto Knife
・Spoon ※The ones that does not have the metal handle
・lighter ※The ones with lever and the flame not too close.
・Work gloves

1)Cut the sealing wax in 1 cm.
2)Place the sealing wax on the metal spoon and melt them with a lighter.
 ※Danger of getting burned! Must wear work gloves.
 ※Make sure you read the descriptions for the materials you use!
3)After the wax has melted, pour them where you want to stamp
4)Place the sealing stamp slowly on to the wax
5)Leave it until the wax dries completely. (About 3min)

Very Easy but Cute! Let’s have a great Valentines Day with Gifts that has Unique wrapping!

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