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Top Diy Adorable Teapot Charm

Adorable Teapot Charm


Adorable Teapot Charm

· Silicone mold teapot type
· rubber band
· UV-LED resin HARD
· Resin coloring agent white
· gloves
· Toning palette
· Toning stick
· UV light
· Nail sticker rose pattern
· Top coat
· tweezers
· Hand drill
· Round jump ring
· Screw eye
· Stone parts
· Flat pincers
· Key holder parts
1) Put the silicon mold together and fix it with the rubber band
2) Pour white colored resin to about 2/3 of the mold
3) Tilt and let it spread to small parts by tapping on a surface
4) Pour resin into the remaining part
5) Cure with UV light
6) Put the nail sticker on the side of the teapot and coat it with the top coat
7) Drill two holes with hand drill
8) Apply resin to screw eye, insert it in hole and harden
9) Connect stone parts to screw eye in the mouth of the teapot
10) Connect the other screw eye to the key holder parts with a round jump ring to complete

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