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Top Sweets Have Fun with Baking♡ Puzzle pie

Have Fun with Baking♡ Puzzle pie


Have Fun with Baking♡ Puzzle pie

CCHAN Cooking
How original is this?!
It’s actually simple to make, and the idea of a puzzle piece cherry pie is so cute ♡
Let's complete it before eating!

■ Cooking time: about 50 minutes
■ Ingredients cost: Approximately 1200 yen

■ Ingredients:
· 1 piece of 18-inch pie dish
· Pie sheet ... 2 sheets
· Cherries ... 300g
· Granulated sugar ... 100 g
· Lemon juice ... 50ml
· Corn starch ... 2 tablespoons
· Cinnamon powder ... a little
· Egg ... 1 piece

■ Steps
Take out the frozen pie sheet a little before using it to thaw it to a workable softness.
Remove the cherry seeds and stems.

1. Put granulated sugar, lemon juice, cherries in a small pan on low heat.
When some of the liquid evaporates, put cinnamon and cornstarch to thicken it. Remove from the fire.
2. Roll out 2 frozen pie sheets with a rolling stick and create puzzle pieces.
One will be put on top of the pie. Remove the extra dough. Add a hole in it with a fork.
3. The other piece will be puzzle cookies, so cut out an appropriate amount that you can fill up the pie with.
4. Put the sheet from step 2 onto the pie from step 1. Place the molded 3 pie dough and paint the egg on with a brush.
5. Complete after baking in a 200 ℃ oven for about 20 minutes ♪

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